It is aland’s mission “to provide life and health services”。 aland sees quality as the very foundation of our company。 From raw material selection to sales, aland puts strict control on all links and thus earns high recognition from authoritative organizations from home and abroad。 aland has now passed 12 international stringent quality certifications。

Global purchase

aland selects best possible raw materials around the world with a favor for major suppliers that are qualified, reliable and up to our standards。 Since many of our products will be sold abroad, we base our standard for raw materials on international standards such as B。P。, USP, JP, CHP and FCC and implement hazard analysis。

Standard manufacturing

aland keeps improving its quality management system. Factories of aland are designed in compliance with guidelines of cGMP and EU-GMP. To ensure the cleanliness classification to the highest standard, the production department conducts regular checks on important indexes such as temperature, humidity, the counts of air-borne viable particles and settlement bacteria in the air. Besides, factories are well facilitated with advanced equipment such as water purification system, to meet the standards of CHP and USP.

Whole-process monitoring

aland introduces advanced detection equipment, making sure that all products meet established standards for composition, potency, purity and impurity limit。 Moreover, all factories are staffed with on-site inspectors who are responsible for process control, monitoring every links, steps and control points in manufacturing and making related records, on which the Qualified Person are required to sign to give the final approval to release products。

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